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About Us

Post Urban Ventures is one of Europe's leading AI and deep tech venture builders.
We believe collaborations between academia and industry are the key for advancing society.
We support people answering big questions by conducting research, filing patents and funding postdocs.
Founded out of frustration with the lack of academic funding and siloed research.
We co-create brand new companies from scratch in partnership with founders.
We build science-based technology companies and invest our own capital.

Our Vision

Our vision Our vision is to build businesses that make the world a better place. Taking a global macro view on how trends in academic research and emerging product market innovation are fundamentally changing the way we live. We create businesses for the future.


Our areas of focus are in deep tech: AI (Knowledge Graphs, NLP, DNNs, Computer Vision, Edge AI, Active Learning), Quantum Technologies, Biotech, AgTech, Enterprise SaaS.

Our Story

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We started Post Urban Ventures because we were increasingly frustrated with how great ideas, IP, talent and an accessible market in Europe were still behind US businesses. But opportunities for early-stage deeptech have been growing with the arrival of Silicon Valley mega-funds and a maturing of the ecosystem.

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What was missing was an entity that could bridge academia, late-stage investors and industry. Post Urban Ventures is showing the success of this methodology with the ever expanding list of institutions and investors we collaborate with

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Our industry partnerships mean we have a strong ‘market pull’ in everything we do, while our academic relationships mean we try to be rigorous in our output.  ​Since 2016, we have hand-built 11 deep tech ventures who have all gone on to raise VC-funding.

Where we operate

London, UK
Barcelona, Spain 
Buffalo, US
Zagreb, Croatia
Zagreb, Croatia 
Wroslaw, Poland
Wroslaw, Poland 
Cambridge, UK
Cambridge, UK 
Sheffield, UK
Birmingham, UK