Rohit Makol

Founder of BioLeap

The world’s first systems medicine platform, leveraging Bioleap's patent-pending HYBRID modelling technology, for the design & development of immuno-oncology therapies - paving the way to develop true synthetic biology based therapeutics.

> 35 - 100x better predictions compared to existing QSP mechanistic models or AI models

> 10 - 20x less data required to calibrate our highly predictive models

> Embedded explainability layer that allows users to probe the science behind our predictions

> Develop de-novo models in 6-12 months rather than 2-3 years

Immuno-oncology therapies have shown great promise in the fight against cancer, but they are incredibly complex, leading to a high degree of uncertainty during development and up to a 93% failure rate during clinical trial. This is due to the myriad of problems with existing methods and models used for R&D.

We solve these problems, enabling Pharma to design and develop effective immunotherapies for cancer by simulating and analysing the effects these therapies have on disease, guiding future development through rigorous predictions and recommendations for how therapies can be altered to improve efficacy and safety.